Dzire Fuel Tank Capacity 2023, Mileage on Diesel or Petrol, Top Speed

Local assembled vehicle Dzire is famous among people who like Suzuki Maruti vehicles. This vehicle comes with a Sedan body and everyone is excited to know that the Dzire Fuel Tank Capacity 2023 is 37 Liters. Due to the hybrid technology engine, its fuel average is different from Petrol and Diesel. 1197Cc engine exists that produces 81.80 Hp and people ask about how many cylinders that is 4. Further, fuel averages for petrol and diesel are listed below.

Dzire Fuel Tank Capacity 2023

For petrol & Diesel storage 37 liter fuel tank in the Suzuki Maruti Dzire insert that is perfect according to the body. Due to the hybrid technology engine, just one time fill and travel long distance.

Dzire Fuel Tank Capacity 37L


Swift Dzire Mileage Diesel 2023

With a diesel engine, this vehicle is launched with manual and automatic transmissions. So, the fuel average of Swift Dzire for both transmissions is different because it depends on the driver’s driving.

Swift Dzire Fuel Average with Manual Gearbox 24 KM
Swift Dzire Fuel Average with Transmission Gearbox 25 KM

Dzire Mileage Petrol 2023

  • Swift Dzire fuel consumption in a manual transmission is around 23 KM on a long-driver-like highway.
  • Auto transmission of Dzire mileage is around 25 KM on the highway.

One thing that is very clear is your vehicle mileage depends on your driving style because some people push the high accelerator then the vehicle does not give a high average.

Swift Dzire Top Speed 2023

The top speed of Swift Dzire is 156 KMPH. The company increased the top speed of this vehicle because, in the previous model, the speed was not high. That’s why people give a negative opinion of the company.

Swift Dzire Top Speed 156 KMPH

Swift Dzire is favorite vehicle of everybody because for small families, this is perfect as well and its price is affordable for every person. People like this car because it is easy to drive as well as available in auto and manual transmission. Moreover, Dzire Fuel Tank Capacity 2023 is the most important to know for people who travel long.

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