Duke 1290 Price in India 2024, Launch Date, Top Speed

The nation is poised and in wait for the arrival of KTM Duke 1290, looking to grace Indian roads. Though the exact launch date and Duke 1290 price in India 2024 remains sheathed in a veil of anticipation but whispers of its arrival have already electrified the Indian biking community. Steeped in a reputation of creating motorbikes that not only meet but exceed expectations. Yes, KTM has ingeniously engineered the Duke 1290 to deliver a spellbinding concoction of power, stability, and aesthetic appeal.

KTM Duke 1290 Price in India 2024:

At the moment, pricing of the Duke 1290 in India for 2024 is mystery for everyone. Yes, it is expected to be a premium offering from 15,000,00 to 20,000,00 INR, but its only a experts idea. Each penny spent on this mechanical marvel substantiates its worth in unrivaled performance and a timeless design too.

Price Range 15,000,00 to 20,000,00 INR

“Major Spec of this bike”

Seat Height About 32.9 Inch
Weight 180 Kilo gram
Mileage In average, 16 kilometer per liter
Engine cc It’s, 1301
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Duke 1290 Launch Date in India 2024

Different speculations are now spread regarding the launch date of Duke 1290 in India but none of them is formal. But its true that the arrival of the KTM Duke 1290 in India beckons a new time of power. Sculpted with precision and empowered with muscular power, the Duke 1290 is an experience waiting to boost your every journey.

Launch Date Possibly in next year

Duke 1290 Top Speed

In experiencing the epitome of speed with the Duke 1290, which boasts a top speed of approximately 290 km/h. Ready you to transcend the ordinary, the bike propels not just on the road, but steers you into an adrenaline infused ride, which clear KTM’s commitment towards this model.

Top Speed 290 Kilo meter per Hour

a big bike

What is the cost of Duke 1290 in India?

While the exact rate of it is shrouded in anticipation, it’s seems to be in big amount, warranting its exceptional features and superior ride experience.

Is duke 1290 Available in India?

The Duke 1290 is probably make its grand entry into the Indian market at mid or end of 2024. An exact date is in secret, but assured, it will be worth the wait.

What kind of top speed can riders anticipate from the Duke 1290?

With a approximately 290 km/h, the Duke 1290 promises a ride that is not just fast but also safely stable, offering an exhilarating experience like no other.

Rooted in a scientific consensus, the Duke 1290 show a splendid marriage of technology and design, each component meticulously assembled. Emanating a sense of robust elegance, the bike is a paradigm of expert engineering, designed and finished by the brightest minds in the field.

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