SRL Diagnostics Test Price List, Packages, Report, Contact Number

To diagnose any of the health problem, a authentic laboratory help you more than anything else. To review the affordability, SRL Diagnostics test price list and major packages are enough for an idea of approx. expense. While, how to access your SRL Diagnostics lab test reports online, and their contact number is also need of every second person. Basically, they help doctors understand how our bodies are doing and give them important information to make medical decisions. It’s a place that is need of both patients and doctors as well.

SRL Diagnostics Test Price List

A clear and detailed list of prices helps customers trust and believe in the lab. When the lab shares pricing information beforehand, it makes them look more professional and reliable. Updated SRL Diagnostics test price list is explained for the customers and also empowers them to make informed decisions based on their budget and specific needs.

Test Type Price
Ca 125 (ovarian Cancer Monitor), Serum INR1450
Prolactin, Serum INR 600
Prostate Specific Antigen, Serum INR 1000
Carcino Embryonic Antigen, Serum INR 970
Testosterone, Total, Serum INR 800
 Alpha-fetoprotein, Serum INR 990
Cortisol, Serum INR 750
Testosterone, free/total, Serum INR 2500
Ca 15-3, Serum INR 1600
Ferritin, Serum INR 950
Ca 19-9, Serum INR 1600
 Growth Hormone, Serum INR 900
Insulin, Fasting Serum INR 1000
Dehydroepiandrosterone-s, Serum INR 1200
 Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, Plasma INR 1900
Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Serum INR 625
17-a-hydroxyprogesterone, Serum INR 1700
 B2-microglobulin, Serum INR 2200
Papanicolaou Smear INR 700
Adenosine Deaminase INR 1100
Calcitonin (thyrocalcitonin), Serum INR 2700
C Peptide, Serum INR 1300
Free Triiodothyronine (ft3), Serum INR 460
Coombs Test, Direct, Edta Whole Blood INR 750
Growth Hormone(gh), Tissue/pb INR 2700
 Prolactin, Tissue/paraffin Block INR 2700
B2-microglobulin, Urine INR 2100
Beta Hcg Csf INR 850
Carcino Embryonic Antigen, Body Fluid INR 900
Carcino Embryonic Antigen, Csf INR 850
D-dimer, Plasma INR 1600
Sickling Test, Blood INR 450
Adrenocorticotropic Horm, Tissue/pb INR 2700
Alpha-fetoprotein Ihc, Tissue/pb INR 2700
Cd31, Ihc, Tissue/paraffin Block INR 2700
Cd5, Ihc, Tissue/paraffin Block INR 2700
Methaemoglobin Estimation, Blood INR 1200
Calcium, Ionized, Serum INR 5810
Hiv Roche Cobas Monitor (viral Load, Cd4 / Cd8) INR 10500
Cystatin C (quantitative), Serum INR 1800
Afb Susc. Ethambutol INR 2600
 Afb Susc. Isoniazid INR 2600
Afb Susc. Rifampicin INR 2600
Afb Susc. Pyrazinamide INR 2600
Afb Susc. Amikacin INR 2600
 Afb Susc. Ofloxacin INR 2600
Afb Susc. Ethionamide INR 2600
 Afb Susc.kanamycin INR 2600
Afb Susc. Streptomycin INR 2600
Afb Susc. Sirep Panel INR 5000
 Afb Susc. Sire Panel INR 5000
Afb Susc. Sire Panel INR 5000
Hcv Alpha INR 16500
Comprehensive Coronary Risk Profile INR 4000
 Extended Thyroid Panel INR 2900
 Mycobacterium Leprae Dna Detector INR 4050
Double Marker Test, Serum INR 2450
Neonatal Karyotyping INR 3500
Syphilis Antibodies, Serum INR 1200

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SRL Diagnostics Test Packages

If someone face a problem that require more then one tests, then SRL Diagnostics Test Packages are designed for patients. In addition, get guideline from doctor for appropriate diagnostics test package based on medical history, risk factors, and symptoms.

  • Complete Care Packages
Package Price
Complete Care – Basic INR 999
Complete Care – Essential INR 1399
Complete Care – Advance INR 2199
Complete Care – Advance with Spike Antibody Test INR 2899
Complete Care – Total INR 3399
Complete Care Total with Spike Antibody INR 4099
 Complete Care – Premium INR 5299
Complete Care – Premium with Spike Antibody INR 5999
Complete Care – Total with Radiology INR 4199
Complete Care – Premium with Radiology INR 7399
  • Fitness Care Packages
Package Price
Fitness Care – Basic INR 1399
Fitness Care – Advance INR 1999
Fitness Care – Performance INR 2999
 Fitness Care – Weight Control Male INR 3599
Fitness Care – Weight Control Female INR 3599
  • Evergreen Care Packages
Package Price
Evergreen Care for 40+ Female INR 1999
Evergreen Care for 50+ Male INR 1999
Evergreen Care for 50+ Female INR 1999
Evergreen Care for 60+ Male INR 1999
Evergreen Care for 60+ Female INR 1999
Evergreen Care for 40+ Male INR 1999
  • Active Care Packages
Package Price
Active Care for Sedentary Lifestyle INR 1899
Active Care for Professionals on the Go INR 1899
Active Care for Homemakers INR 1899
Active Care for Socialisers INR 1899
Active Care – Pollution Care Basic INR 1699
Active Care – Pollution Care Basic Plus INR 2199
Active Care – Pollution Care Advance INR 2599
Active Care – Pollution Care Advance Plus INR 3199
  • Vital Care Packages
Package Price
Vital Care – Heart INR 2099
Vital Care – Liver INR 2099
 Vital Care – Kidney INR 2099
Vital Care – Thyroid INR 2099
Vital Care – Bone INR 1999
Vital Care – Anaemia INR 1999
Vital Care – Menopause INR 1999
Vital Care – Vitamin & Mineral Check INR 2199
Vital Care – Fatigue Check INR 2499
Vital Care – Diabetes INR 899
Vital Care – Immune Check INR 3499
 Vital Care – SRL Immune Check with Spike Antibody INR 4199

SRL Diagnostics Lab Test Report:

Normally, online test reports of any lab can be accessed from anywhere. But SRL Diagnostics Lab has not integrate their system online that their patient collect test report through online way.

  • Because, this is a major need that’s why they will may make it available in near future.

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SRL Diagnostics Contact Number

For more details, you can call on the the following SRL diagnostics contact number to get information about the collection centers in your city.

SRL Diagnostics City Contact Number
Gurugram, Haryana 91 840-0303-840
Kerala 91 94960 05046, 91 90725 70829
Bengaluru 91 80958 84290
Chennai 91 94331 94331
Hyderabad 91 74164 13144
Karnataka 91 91115 91115

Regular diagnostic tests are an essential part of maintaining good health, and SRL Diagnostics offers a complete range of tests to serve to various healthcare needs. SRL Diagnostics Test Price List, available Packages and available contact number shows their commitment to accessible healthcare. Due to accuracy, transparency, and patient care, they have become a preferred choice for many people across India.

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