Redcliffe Lab Test Price List, Package, Report, Contact Number

It’s natural for everyone to get rates of medical tests before deciding to proceed with them. Being a reliable name of India medical line, Redcliffe Lab test price List with useful packages are better for those who need multiple test at same time. Meanwhile, online way to get reports is functioning fine and their contact number is also very responsive. These tests help doctors for the purpose to diagnose various diseases and health conditions accurately. It is good for physicians to review the progress and to treat it rightly.

Redcliffe Lab Test Price List

After take access to Redcliffe Lab test price list, it allows individuals to be aware of the expenses related with different medical tests. It helps them understand the financial effect before going through any tests.

Type Original Rate (In INR)
Discount Rate (May end at anytime)
Thyroid Profile 650 INR 299
Glucose Fasting 160 INR 99
HBA1C 440 INR 299
CBC 450 INR 299
Urine Routine & Microscopic Examination 250 INR 199
LFT 800 INR 370
Vitamin D 1245 INR 499
KFT 1560 INR 349
Lipid Profile 960 INR 320
CRP Test 500 INR 399
Creatinine 250 INR 140
Urine Culture 1200 INR 699
CBC+ESR 840 INR 299
WIDAL By Slide Agglutination 200 INR 130
Hb Test 220 INR 110
Uric Acid 400 INR 160
Vitamin B12 1075 INR 499
Rheumatoid Factor 840 INR 399
TSH 3rd Generation 450 INR 219
Glucose Random 160 INR 99
Glucose Post Prandial 180 INR 99
Blood Group 280 INR 139
Covid RT PCR 1999 INR 500
Prothrombin time 875 INR 350
SGPT / ALT 340 INR 170
Prolactin 549
HBsAg 900 INR 349
Dengue NS1 Antigen Test by ELISA 600 INR 540
(MP) Smear 120
Platelet Count 50
Drugs Of Abuse – Urine: Methaquolone 1540 INR 699
HIV Antibody, Rapid Card 638 INR 399
Calcium 375 INR 199
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Redcliffe Lab Package List

In fact, Redcliffe Lab test package often offer a bundled price for multiple tests or a complete health check up. This can be more cost effective way compared to paying for each test individually. It saves time and effort in selecting individual tests and allows for a more organized experience.

Test Package Original Price (In INR)
Discount Price (May end at anytime)
Advance Plus Full Body Checkup 8760 2099
Fit India Full Body checkup with Vitamin Screening 6400 1399
Smart Full Body Check up with Vitamin D 4260 1099
Smart Full Body Checkup 1599 799
Smart Plus Full Body Checkup With Vitamin Screening 5800 1299
Smart full body with Vitamin screening 2697 1199
Fit India Full Body Checkup 3700 999
Super Advance Full Body Checkup Male 9860 2899
Vital Screening Package 2010 599
Swasth Bharat Full Body Checkup with Vitamin screening 6400 1399
Master Full Body Check Up Package- Male 12500 3999
One-Plus-One Smart Full Body Checkup 2800 1499
Prime Full body Check Up 2060 449
Fever Package- Essential 1500 699
Fever Package- Comprehensive 4000 1999
Sedentary Lifestyle Screening Panel 3698 1899
Advance Full Body Checkup 6400 1499
Diabetes Profile- Comprehensive 3999 1999
Comprehensive Allergy Panel 12000 5999
Cardiac Profile (Comprehensive) 7553 2899
Father’s Special Care 3097 1299
Vitamin Profile 2999 699
Basic Body Screening 1690 599
Annual health Checkup 4297 1899
Fever Panel- Basic 700 399
Smart Full Body Checkup With HbA1c 3049 899
Smart Full Body Check up with RA factor 3080 899
Swasth Bharat Full Body Checkup 3700 999
Pre Diabetic Screening 900 499
Smart Full Body Checkup with CRP 3060 999

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Redcliffe Lab Test Report

Complete report of the Redcliffe Lab test is a detailed document that contains the results of various tests conducted by them. This report is designed to provide patients and healthcare providers with a detailed overview of the patient’s health

Collect the Redcliffe Lab Test Report is also very easy but you need to know some basic steps to complete this step. The process complete through your registered email id or WhatsApp number.

Get Report

  • Login to the official Redcliffe website to proceed with your email Id / phone number
  • Then, click on your profile and you can see an option of “My Orders”
  • Now press the option “completed” and get the detail of your report
  • You can also have an option to print the report without wasting time.

Lab report

Contact Number

No doubt, contact number of Redcliffe Lab is effective in many ways like when the results come over the phone. As well, this method provides timely information about many other status.

Redcliffe Lab City Contact Number
Noida, Uttar Pradesh Head Office 91 898 898 8787
Gurugram, Haryana Regional Office 91 898 898 8787
For General Queries from Mumbai or other city 898 898 0606
New Delhi 917969144361, 917969122743, 917969122732

Imp Answers:

How can I book an appointment at Redcliffe Lab?

Booking an appointment at the Lab is easy. You can call their contact number or use their website to schedule your visit.

Are the test prices inclusive of all taxes?

Yes, the test prices mentioned in the price list include all applicable taxes.

Can I get home sample collection services?

In few areas, Redcliffe Lab offers home sample collection services for the convenience of patients.

How long does it take to get test results?

The time for test results varies depending on the type of test. Generally, most routine tests are available within 24 to 48 hours.

Can I access my Redcliffe Lab Test Report online?

This Lab provides online access by registered email id or phone number to test reports for adding some more betterment.

Do I need to fast before certain tests?

Some tests, like blood glucose and lipid profile, require fasting for accurate results. Make sure to follow the fasting guidelines provided by the lab.

As a final point, you can get good facilities for health testing through Redcliffe Lab test price list and package. Their commitment to patient care, transparent pricing, and wide range of services make them a preferred choice for people. Whether you need routine test or some specialized test, this Lab is your trusted option in that regard.

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