JCB Price in India 2023 on Road of Cat, Kubota, Poclain

People who working in the field of construction now are seeking JCB Price in India 2023 of Cat, Kubota, and Poclain. These company machinery are easily available in India but people are unaware of its prices. These companies have introduced several models that have been used for specific purposes. Till now all those models that have been launched by them are available in the below table.

JCB Price in India 2023

Right now in the market, 24 models of JCB machines exist. Some are new models and some are old. All prices are approx because we have fathered through different sources.

Model Price
JCB JS 81 INR 2.5 Million
JCB JS 120 INR 2.6 Million
JCB JS 140 INR 2.6 Million
JCB JS 205LC INR 2.6 Million
JCB JS 220LC INR 2.6 Million
JCB 2DX Backhoe Loader INR 2.1 Million
JCB 3DX ecoXcellence INR 2.4 Million
JCB 3DX Xtra ecoXcellence INR 2.4 Million
JCB 3DX Super ecoXcellence INR 2.8 Million
JCB 4DX Super ecoXcellence INR 2.7 Million
JCB VMT 330 Mini Tandem Roller INR 2.1 Million
JCB Road Roller VMT 860 INR 2.1 Million
JCB Mini Excavator 30 plus INR 2.5 Million
JCB Skid Steer Loader 135 INR 2.2 Million
JCB Skid Steer Loader 155 INR 2.2 Million
JCB Super INR 1.5 Million
JCB 3DXL Wheeled INR 2.2 Million
JCB 430ZX PLUS Wheeled INR 3.7 Million
JCB 432ZX INR 2.6 Million
JCB 455ZX INR 2.4 Million
JCB 530-70 Telescopic INR 2.2 Million
JCB 530-110 Telescopic INR 2.1 Million
JCB 535-125 HI-VIZ Telescopic INR 4.6 Million


JCB on Road Price in India

Everyone seeking JCB on Road Price in India which does not exist because it depends on model, condition, engine condition, and some others. So, we will recommend visiting the local market where this type of machinery is available.

CAT JCB Price in India 2023

The most famous model of CAT JCB is listed in the table which is needed by every construction company. Estimated prices which collect some online sources are mentioned.

CAT Backhoe Loader 72 Hp INR 4.5 Million
CAT 424 b2 INR 2.4 Million
CAT Backhoe Loader INR 2 Million
CAT 424 Backhoe Loader INR 5.5 Million
Cat 424 JCB INR 2.6 Million

Kubota JCB Price in India

No doubt, Kubota JCB launched several models in India but at this time prices of only a few models exist on this page. In addition, in major cities of India all these types of machinery are available in applied condition but if you are interested in buying in used condition then is available in the local market. Estimated prices of Kubota JCB are listed.

Kubota u15 INR 1.9 Million
Kubota u30 INR 2.8 Million
Kubota u17 INR 2.5 Million
Kubota u50 INR 2.5 Million
Kubota 30 excavator INR 2.3 Million
Kubota u30-6s INR 2.5 Million
Kubota k008-3 N/A

Poclain JCB Price in India

Few models of Poclain JCB are demandable and people who are unaware of its prices now can get them. We have listed some approximate price figures for Poclain JCB. Further, if we receive more info then it will be updated to the audience.

JCB Poklain 210 INR 1.5 Million
JCB Poclain 220 INR 1.2 Million
JCB Poclain 140 INR 3.5 Million
JCB Poclain 215 INR 5.6 Million
JCB Poclain 205 INR 4 Million

The above machinery is available in brand new condition because most companies open showrooms in big cities in India. Many companies who work on a big level they are mostly buy this machines for his company.

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