Honda Activa 6G Mileage Per Liter 2023 Average, Fuel Tank Capacity

A new model Scooty Honda Activa 6G got everyone attention in India, especially among the girls. An reason of the attraction is Honda Activa 6G mileage per liter in 2023. Basically, it is a local manufacturer, and the Honda company installed a 110 Cc engine which is fuel efficient. This bike is available in different colors and is also available in the Honda showroom. In every state of India, Honda opened several showrooms for the facilitation of the people while in small cities they are operating through some official authorize dealers.

Honda Activa 6G Mileage Per Liter 2023

Around “51 Km” is the fuel consumption or Mileage Per Liter of Honda Activa 6G that’s really fine. Before buying a new scooty, a buyer must complete a search about which scooty gives good mileage and then make a final decision. At this time Honda Activa 6G is the best option for everyone.

Mileage Per Liter Approx 51 KM

“Other Activa 6G Information”

Color White | Blue | Orange | Red | Grey | Silver
Fuel Tank capacity 5.3 L
Weight 105 KG
Battery Type 12 V – 3 Ah
Launch Date January

Honda Activa 6G

Activa 6G Average Petrol

Their is a modern petrol engine in Activa 6G Scooty which is fuel efficient because its fuel average is 51 KM. This is a main unique point which is like people.

Petrol Average 51 KM

Activa 6G Fuel Tank Capacity

Few ones are knows about the fuel tank capacity of the Honda Activa 6G which is 5.3 Liters. Majority of the people said its fuel tank size is small but they have been installed according to body size.

Fuel Tank Size 5.3 Liters
  • The majority of the ladies use this scooty when they go out into the bazar for shopping like groceries and some other. This is easy to drive and especially females drive it more easily.

On the other hand, some males who like good average bikes know this is the best option, especially Honda Activa 6G mileage per liter is just unmatchable. Three years ago, this model was introduced 1st time in the Indian market and after that they makes more improvements in the sectors which purchaser demand from them.

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