Hershey Park Tickets Price 2023 on Discount, Season Pass, Hours

Owing to the diverse attractions, this great park is popular among children, young, and seniors. After discount on online buying, the Hershey Park Tickets Price 2023 for one day summer is “58.99 Dollars“, single day any day “64.99 Dollars“, two days any day “49 Dollars“, and visit after 4 PM “36.99 Dollars“. To fully enjoy the new attractions and engage in the challenging activities, a visit is a must. Furthermore, plan your upcoming tour here and make the most of the currently available discounts.

Hershey Park Tickets Price 2023

The summer season has commenced, and many are inquiring about the updated ticket prices for Hershey Park. Rest assured, all the latest pricing details are provided, eliminating the need to contact the park directly.

Type Original Ticket Price (Without Discount)
One Day Summer 84.95 Dollars
Single day any day 84.95 Dollars
Two Days any Day 60 Dollars
Visit after 4 PM 42.95 Dollars
Hersheypark Halloween Ticket 84.95 Dollars

Hershey Park Discount Tickets 2023

Recently, Hershey Park has offered significant discounts on all ticket categories. Visitors can now benefit from these reduced prices. All discounted rates are clearly listed, and information is readily available for those interested.

One Day Summer 58.99 Dollars
Single Day any Day
  • 64.99 Dollars (From 9 to 16 year old)
  • $54.99 (Form 3 to 8 year and 62 year plus age)
Two Days any Day 49 Dollars
Visit after 4 PM 36.99 Dollars
Hersheypark Halloween Ticket 49.99 Dollars

Hershey Park Season Pass 2023 Prices

Hershey Park has introduced three distinct passes, available at their original prices. However, some visitors have expressed concerns regarding the discounts applied to these passes.


Hershey Park Hours August 2023 of Operation

In August, there is an increase in the coming visitors. During these days, the busy hours at Hershey Park, when the concentration of customers is at its highest, matter a lot for the visitors.

Precise details about Hershey park hours August 2023 of operation is very difficult to mention because it change every day. The general opening and close time is:

  • Open Time: 8 AM (For ticket buying and supply)
  • Close Time: 8 PM

Should they provide updates on the peak hours, we will also try to up to date you about it.

Hershey Park Tickets Price

Hershey Park Location

Visitors coming to this park for the first time, who are unfamiliar with their destination, can now use their mobile devices to follow the provided Google Maps location.

Hershey Park Address

Why are you concerned about locating the address details when all the necessary information is readily available?

Address 100 W. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA

Hershey Park Contact Number

To reserve an online ticket or obtain additional information, please contact our customer care representative via phone.

Phone Number 717-534-3900

Hershey Park is an ideal destination for children and young adults to enjoy. The regular ticket tariffs and pass prices are notably reasonable. Furthermore, significant discounts are currently being offered on ticket prices. The updated Hershey Park ticket price  2023 has been detailed above.

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