Guwahati Ice Park Ticket Price 2024 (Frozen Planet)

For a special experience in frozen world where every snowflake tells a complete story and where icy vistas beckon with unparalleled beauty. The Frozen Planet is not a simple park, it’s a cold snow waiting to be lived. And now, with the curtains lifting, our team reveal the amount for entry and about its location too. Till open time, Guwahati Ice Park ticket price 2024 for visitors above a decide age is “600 INR” and for toddlers baby its “300 INR“. Sometime they give special offer but it open on special occasion. Further, charges of different accessories which is necessary to wear are given.

Guwahati Ice Park Ticket Price 2024 (Frozen Planet)

Every experience has a value, and while putting a price on something as monumental as Frozen Planet might seem challenging. A similar to this is the Snow City Park Indore that has same concept of coldest weather. But ticket price of Guwahati Ice Park is different from it.

Above Three Year age Person
600 INR
For a Child 300 INR


  • Basic dress is part of ticket but to get extra Nylon Socks and woolen gloves; charges are INR 50 to 70.
  • On the other hand, in past they offered discount on ticket and allow visitors to enter in only “INR 449” but this is possibly not valid now.

Guwahati Ice Park

Frozen Planet Guwahati Address

Read complete details about address carefully because without address how you can reach on right destination.

Address Its located near National Highway 37, Lalung Gaon, Guwahati


Every one using andorid mobile and now you can find exact point where Frozen Planet Guwahati is located through Google Map.

Frozen Planet Guwahati Timing

This park open every day but for specific time which is important to know for visitors because they can visit at any time but within time.

Open Time 11:00 AM
Close Time 08:00 PM

Contact Number

To book the ticket, package, and other details like if you even need to require open or close about Frozen Planet Guwahati then contact with park management. For this purpose they have issued the contact number.

Phone Number 91 70026 17606

Be it the shimmer of the first snow, the charm of the pristine wilderness, or the uncovering earth’s chilling tales, Frozen Planet is your ticket to a world less explored. Everything mange with scientific expertise, and a dash of wonder, this is one journey you wouldn’t want to miss. Collect your tickets, bundle up, and go on this some different trip. Your icy wonderland awaits you to come here.

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