Dorney Park Tickets 2023 Price, Passes for Season Discount

In fact, this is a perfect location to enjoy and spend joyful moments with kids and people of all ages in the family. Dorney Park has initiated operations introducing various attractions for visitors. Now, the present Dorney park tickets 2023 price for every day entry is starting from “44.99 Dollars“, two day tickets are “69.99 Dollars“, golden Pass “99 Dollars“, bring A friend tickets for short time is “24.99 Dollars“, and after 4 PM ticket price is “36.99 Dollars“. They have introduced different packages which are also in this content.

Dorney Park Tickets 2023 Price

Before visiting, everyone should be aware of the varying ticket prices at Dorney Park in 2023. The tickets are categorized into different segments. Please refer to the table for specific ticket prices.

Types Ticket Price (In Dollars)
Daily Admission
  • $70 (Normal ticket when you but it from counter)
  • $44.99 Dollars (Online discount Price)
Two Days Tickets 69.99
Golden Pass 99
Bring A Friend Discount
  • $39.99 (Weekdays)
  • $44.99 (Weekend)
After 4 PM Entry $36.99 (Most of days) and $41.99
  • Group Tickets
One Day Group Admission 34.99 Dollars
Group Admission, Meal + Drinks 49.99 Dollars

Note: The group ticket is valid for visitor in between (15 to 99).

  • Moreover, visitor can get benefit from:

Dorney Park Season Passes 2023

Currently, there are two season passes available for Dorney Park at different prices. Each pass offers additional services and facilities, which are detailed on the pass itself.

Unlimited Visits

  • {Unlimited Visits}
99 Dollars
All Cedar Fair Parks

  • {Unlimited Visits | All Park Passport Add-On | Unlimited Visits to All}
194 Dollars

Their is something special for those who have many scarifies for their country is:

Dorney Park Tickets Military Discount 2023

Their is difference in discount on the Military tickets price in Dorney Park on the bases of week day and for the weekend. But they will definitely deserve these benefits, and thanks to them.

Weekdays Discounted Ticket Weekend Ticket Price
$39.99 $44.99
  • On the official webpage of Dorney, just the original ticket price is available.
  • Every day they launch different discount copen for regular tickets.

First, contact the ticket booking office to inquire about discounted ticket prices. There might be discounted tickets available.

Other Services and Facilities of Dorney Park:

Under this park, you can entertain with the different services which are offered by this park. Moreover, all facilities and charges are listed.

  • Drinks and Dining
Entrée + Side + Drink 16.99 Dollars
Dine All Day for Just 31.99 Dollars
All Day Dining + Refills 42.99 Dollars
Unlimited Refills All Day 18.99 Dollars
  • Fast Lane
Fast Lane 45 Dollars
Season Past Fast Lane 250 Dollars
  • Cabanas
2 Person Day Bed 59 Dollars
Standard Cabana Rental 169 Dollars
Deluxe Cabana Rental 359 Dollars
Premium Cabana Rental 499 Dollars

Dorney Park Hours 2023

Every coming person is eagerly in wait of the opening of this park. Their operating hours start from 10:30 AM and closes at 9:00 PM. While, the hours between opening and closing are considered peak times.

Open Time 10:30 AM
Close Time 09:00 PM

Dorney Park Location

To unlock your smartphones, tap on the location provided below. Directions to the park will appear on your mobile screen. Follow the instructions on Google Maps to arrive on time.

Dorney Park Contact Number

Sometimes, people need to contact the park administration to obtain additional information. Dial 610-395-3724 to start communicating with them.

Phone Number 610-395-3724

Dorney Park Tickets

Dorney Park Address:

If you are not familiar with the address of Dorney Park, the park management has provided the complete details for your reference.

Address Dorney Park Rd, Allentown

Act promptly and coordinate with friends and family to plan a visit to Dorney Park. Take advantage of the current discounted ticket prices, which are available for a limited time. Additionally, the revised Dorney Park Ticket 2023 prices have been detailed and are now available for consultation.

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