Dollywood Season Pass 2024 Price Discount Tickets for Seniors, Military

To spend a whole day there, Dollywood season pass 2024 is best to buy. The park offers different categories of passes, as outlined in the table below. While these passes are valid for a limited period and need to be renewed thereafter, they offer significant benefits compared to regular tickets. This is a perfect destination for picnics, boasting a variety of water rides with plenty of games, and numerous other forms of enjoyment too.

Dollywood Season Pass 2024

There are two different passes available: Dollywood and two park pass. Before purchasing, verify which type of pass you’re interested in, especially if you’re looking for water park access. The prices for each pass differ.

  • Dollywood Passes
Dollywood Silver Season Pass 169 Dollars
Dollywood Gold Season Pass 234 Dollars
  • Two Park Passes
Silver 224 Dollars
Gold 289 Dollars

Dollywood Discount Tickets 2024 Price

Discounted ticket prices for Dollywood Park are now available, and each ticket is valid for a specific duration. Many foreign tourists.

  • Dollywood Theme Park Tickets
One Day Dollywood Tickets 89 Dollars
Two Day 109 Dollars
Three Day 119 Dollars
  • Water Park Tickets
Single Day Dollywood’s Splash Country Tickets 54.95 Dollars
2 Day 74.95 Dollars
3 Day 84.95 Dollars
Dollywood’s Splash Country One-Day Ticket with Free Meal 54.95 Dollars
  • Multi Park Tickets
1 Day but 2 Park Ticket 99 Dollars
2 Day with 2 Park Ticket 119 Dollars
3 Day with 2 Park Ticket 129 Dollars

Dollywood Tickets for Seniors 2024 Discount

They have introduced discounted tickets for seniors, and some of these tickets also have special offers. However, these discounts are not updated online. Seniors are advised to contact the booking office for complete details.

Dollywood Military Discount Tickets

People belonging to the Military can now avail themselves of significant discounts on tickets and passes. If you are a military personnel, visit today to get your ticket at a discounted price.

  • Info about tickets for Military persons is just available in the booking office.

Dollywood Hours 2024

Visitors check Dollywood Park’s opening and closing hours because they vary according to the season and weather. The most recent schedule for the park is provided.

  • Theme Park Timing
Open Time 10:00 AM
Close Time 07:00 PM
  • Water Park Timing
Open Time 10:00 AM
Close Time 06:00 PM

Dollywood Contact Number

Front desk service is available for customer guidance. Simply dial 865-365-1900 to speak with a park representative and obtain all necessary information.

Phone Number 865-365-1900


Dollywood Park Location

If anyone is unfamiliar with the park’s address, you can find it on Google Maps. Many visitors from other countries come here just to spend their holidays.

Most families seek a good spot for enjoyment and to spend quality time. Currently, Dollywood is one of the few places where you can experience complete freedom in a peaceful environment. Moreover, as soon as the Dollywood season pass 2024 is reveal, we also try to share them with you.

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